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The Problem

Migrants have always struggled in their employment & career despite their experience, passion and qualifications. 

  • Long-term unemployment.
  • Working out of their field of qualification.
  • Slow or no career progress.

These issues cause a long and often discouraging employment and career journey that takes years.

We worked with recruiters, hiring managers, employment service providers, and migrant job seekers to understand the underlying problem.

The "Why"

The main issue is that migrants focus too much on “functional fit“ and ignore the importance of “cultural fit”.

Common problems: 

  • No or little sense of direction and clarity that is based on the realities of the Australian market.
  • Mis-match expectations and career goals.
  • Very little knowledge of Australian workplace culture. 
  • Lack of effective cross-cultural communication to articulate their skills & experiences.
  • Ability to demonstrate adaptability teamwork and collaboration. 

Without structured training and relevant professional mentorship, understanding and learning these problems will take years, which will result in discouragement. 

The Solution

We developed a unique training program in collaboration with hiring managers, recruiters, employment agencies and migrant job seekers to help you learn crucial soft skills through practical & structured training.  

You will learn the unwritten rules of the Australian workplace and how to build your confidence,  discover opportunities, and get your dream job or promotion. Topics in the course: 

  • The common mistakes migrants make in their careers. 
  • How to overcome the invisible barriers.
  • What is a cultural fit, and why is it crucial for employers? 
  • Cultural intelligence and its importance.
  • Finding clarity and direction in a career based on the realities of Australia.    

The How

Lived Experiences

Based on lived experiences of other migrants discovering what has worked and what has not worked for them.


Specifically developed for the migrants from different culture and language with practical scenarios they face in their employment & career.


Comprehensive learner's resources and activities that helps the individual to develop your own customised career strategy.

The Trainer

Mohsen Joyan

Mohsen is an ex-migrant with an Executive MBA from the University of Technology Sydney. He teaches business topics at universities and colleges in Australia, but as a migrant, he had to restart his career from the ground when he arrived in Australia more than a decade ago. He worked for large and small organisations, started his own business, and gained extensive experience in workforce recruitment & retention. 

Now, he loves to help other migrants reach their career aspirations. 

What Participants Say?

“The training made me ready for the interview, how to articulate my experiences and strengths and how to research the job market based on my qualification.”
SydWest Multicultural Services
“This program has boosted my confidence in communicating effectively with others, knowing different style of communication, learning about tone of voice, body language, the elevator pitch scenario helped me a lot to put this into practice.”
Liv Kyomugisha
ANZ Bank
“I could relate to the trainer as he had the same struggle I have today. It helped me to understand how to re-adjust my career goals in Australia. I learnt an important thing I wish I'd learnt before”
Mohammad Haroun
EdmundRice Centre

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