Everyone Deserves a

Progressive & Meaningful Career

especially those taking risks for a better future in a new country. 

Our Story

Who we are

Established in February 2018 as a purpose-driven social enterprise with a directory app (asanLife) for migrants & refugees, we are now focused on helping people from migrant or refugee backgrounds find sustainable employment and progressive careers through a uniquely designed training program.

We have won awards: 

What we do

The well-known issues of unemployment, underemployment, and career progress in migrants & multicultural communities are not new things, but we tackle them in a new way. 

We deliver a training program that is designed based on unique internal insight about the core underlying issue of  Cultural Competence that impacts migrants’ employment & career progress.  

a Training program designed from within


One Size Does not fit all

A unique approach to career development that is relevant to the culturally diverse workforce.


understanding Workplace & Career Culture

Framework to translate & understand the career & workplace culture in new country.


Improving collaboration & Communication

Focused to improve confidence, clarity & performance through reflective activities.

Why us?

Lived Experiences

We Relate

We can relate to multicultural community because of our lived experiences.

It's personal

We are purpose driven social enterprise and our focus is to empower the under-utilised workforce.

Who we work with

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Let's build an inclusive workplace

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